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Find Your Retirement Purpose in the Hospitality Industry

2024-05-01T16:22:06-04:00May 14, 2024|

Boomers are looking for a retirement purpose. And the hospitality industry needs their work ethic, relational instincts and talents. Time to get together. Attention hoteliers: Boomers seek employment because 27% or 18,900,000 of them want to work to fill their desires for a retirement purpose, income, and sociability—and they are ready to work when you need them. Your new pay grades are acceptable. Many don’t need your benefits because they have their own – Medicare. And their biggest motivation is to belong again and interact with people.

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It’s Time to Retire “Retirement”

2024-05-01T16:23:32-04:00May 7, 2024|

It’s time to protect our mature workforce from extinction and take advantage of these experienced and wisdom-filled workers. Time to retire retirement!  It’s time to transition how we think about workforce-planning. We must get away from the misnomer that with age comes cognitive decline—thus the individual is no longer a “useful” member of the workforce and it’s time to retire—stepping aside so youth can advance and “cognitively” execute the necessary aspects of the job.

  • When Should I Retire

When Should I Retire?

2023-10-03T13:01:25-04:00October 3, 2023|

When meeting with new clients, the first question that most ask me is, “When should I retire?” That is a ...


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