It’s Time to Write Your Life’s Next Chapter.

Make It a Page-Turner.

Mature adults / seniors having fun and working on their retirement planning.

It’s Time to Write Your Life’s Next Chapter.

Make It a Page-Turner.

Transitions are tough.
Retirement is one of the biggest life transitions you’ll face.

Navigating retirement can feel like you’re alone in the wilderness without a map.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, confused, and uncertain of your purpose during this time.

Facing the changes to your daily structure and routine can be both exhilarating and deeply unsettling and disorienting. If you feel this way, you’re not alone.

We all need guidance and support to feel confident in our choices and clear on the path to reach our goals. Especially when it comes to retirement.

You need a plan. And you need someone in your corner who knows the terrain.

Maybe you’ve resisted thinking about your retirement goals and planning. If you’re a vibrant go-getter in your mid 50s or 60s, retirement may even feel like a dirty word.

But here’s the truth: modern retirement is what you make it.

Mature adults / seniors having fun and working on their retirement planning.
Mature adults / seniors having fun and working on their retirement planning.

You’ve earned this time in your life. It’s time to create the retirement lifestyle of your dreams.

It all starts here.

You can begin by updating your ideas about what retirement means, and how to create the retirement lifestyle you want.

Because if you’ve been thinking it’s all about the money, it’s time to think again.

Successful retirement is about much more than money. Finances are an important part of the equation, but dollars and cents don’t add up to a fulfilling retirement.

Now, ask yourself: Do you want to be the passenger or the driver of your life? Do you want life to happen to you, or actively create a retirement lifestyle that’s perfectly suited to you?

The choice is yours.

You worked hard to get where you are in life. Don’t leave your retirement to chance.

It’s time to do your retirement, your way.

With Bob Foley, Certified Professional Retirement Coach, on your side, you’ll get the customized support you need to create the retirement lifestyle you deserve.

Because no one said you have to go it alone.

Bob Foley is laser focused on helping you craft a comprehensive retirement lifestyle that’s custom-tailored especially for you.

Bob will listen to you and get to know your unique personality and needs. We know the questions to ask and steps you need to take to realize the retirement lifestyle you want.

Are you ready to launch yourself into a fulfilling retirement, infused with purpose and contentment?

Then it’s time to connect with Bob Foley to start mapping your path forward.

Because your legacy matters.

Curious about what Bob Foley, Certified Professional Retirement Coach, can do for you? Explore the many ways he can help you access the retirement you desire.

Or, skip to the front of the line and get started with Retirement Lifestyle Coaching now.

Mature adults / seniors having fun and working on their retirement planning.
Mature adults / seniors having fun and working on their retirement planning.
Mature adults / seniors having fun and working on their retirement planning.

How We Help

At Retirement Lifestyle Coaching, we offer more than retirement planning; we provide customized lifestyle planning and strategy to those 55 and over who need some extra guidance and support to curate your life’s exciting next chapter.

Why reach out for extra assistance with crafting your ideal retirement lifestyle? Because if you’re not careful, your retirement can start to resemble a tangled bed of weeds instead of a well-tended garden.

Bob Foley will take help you create the retirement lifestyle you desire, without all the stumbles, fits, and starts that can happen when you go it alone.

He’ll listen to your goals and dreams for this time in your life, and help you map out real, actionable steps to make them your retirement reality.

He’ll help you see the forest for the trees and show you exactly where to focus your time and energy to achieve the results you want.

Because when it comes to achieving the retirement lifestyle you desire, there are so many factors to consider.

Learn how we help people just like you to self-actualize and attain the retirement lifestyle you deserve.

What We Believe

At Retirement Lifestyle Coaching, we consider it an honor and a privilege to support and assist driven professionals like yourself with creating your life’s optimal next chapter. Because we view retirement as another adventure; full of meaning, vitality, and evolving purpose.

We recognize that it’s easy to feel a bit lost during this time in your life. Deprived of the structure of a fast-paced career, you may worry you’ll lack the direction and momentum that propelled you forward in the working world.

Retirement Lifestyle Coaching will ensure you harness the skills that uplifted you in your professional life and strategically apply them to crafting the retirement lifestyle you desire.

With our signature MeLife Blueprint formula, we’ll leave no stone unturned in understanding your beliefs, values, and perceptions.

Your MeLife Blueprint unlocks vital information about your unique personality and holistic well-being needs. We use it to create a customized roadmap to ensure your fulfilling retirement—body, mind, and spirit. Because you are the foundation of your retirement lifestyle plan.

Whether you’re in your Reflective Fifties, your Second Career Sixties, your Bucket List Seventies, or beyond—Retirement Lifestyle Coaching is ready to offer you the personalized support you need to transform your retirement lifestyle goals into reality.

Learn more about creating your MeLife Blueprint with Retirement Lifestyle Coaches or get started today!

Who We Help

If you’re a driven, high-achiever in your mid 50s or early 60s and you haven’t thought much about what your life’s next chapter might look like, or you’ve entered retirement but are feeling unfulfilled, like something’s missing from the lifestyle you imagined—we’re here to help!

You’ve enjoyed a successful professional career and now you’re ready to explore what adventures await you as you shift your focus away from work and toward your bright future.

Because you’re still as vibrant a vital as ever, and retirement isn’t about to change that!

You may feel excited when you consider the possibilities of your newfound freedom; or you may feel overwhelmed with all the options and choices that are bearing down on you.

Many people feel at loose ends at this time in their life, without the steady structure and routine of a career to provide the comfort of a familiar, well-worn path.

When it comes to retirement and you, you have so many questions swirling around in your mind:

  • What will I do with my time?
  • Can I even afford retirement?
  • How do I provide for my loved ones and create my legacy?
  • What does my ideal retirement even look like? And how do I get there?

Bob Foley, Certified Professional Retirement Coach, will help you find the answers to all these burning questions and will support you in crafting a customized plan that addresses all your individual retirement needs and goals.

Let him help you clear your glidepath to a retirement lifestyle that fulfills you and gives you comfort and confidence about the future. It’s all possible, with Retirement Lifestyle Coaching on your side!

Who We Are

A fulfilling retirement lifestyle requires more than just financial planning. Your retirement involves social, emotional, mental, and physical components that are all essential for your quality of life.

After all, it’s not as if you’re going to suddenly stop being the dynamic individual you are, just because you’re retired!

Bob Foley will be by your side to help you create a retirement lifestyle plan designed just for you, in all your unique complexity.

Because retirement has changed from how it used to be. Your retirement won’t bear much resemblance to that of those who came before you.

It’s time to rip up the outdated playbook and start rewriting the rules. It’s time to create a retirement lifestyle that works for you.

We’re here to help you get crystal clear on your goals for retirement, and to sharpen your plan to make your life’s next chapter your best one yet.

Meet Bob Foley

Bob Foley is on a mission to help individuals create comprehensive, personalized retirement lifestyles. Like you, Bob knows what it’s like to contemplate life’s great unknowns, and he’s truly passionate about helping people not feel alone and plagued by uncertainty during this time of life.

Bob also knows how to create and live a life full of positive, proactive transitions. After pivoting away from a dynamic corporate career, he dedicated his life, talents, and wisdom to helping transform people into retirement renaissance warriors as a Certified Professional Retirement Coach (CPRC).

He’s ready to help you, too. Because you deserve to live the retirement life of your dreams.

Bob and his team will help you refine your focus to actualize the retirement lifestyle you truly desire. Getting started is quick and easy!