Get the customized roadmap you need to reach your retirement goals

Bob Foley is on a mission to make sure your retirement lifestyle is designed just for you. After all, he knows how much retirement has changed in the past few decades. Because you’re not your parents, and your retirement won’t look like theirs.

You’re a dynamic and vibrant individual, and retirement isn’t about to change that!

Bob knows what it’s like to be a driven, career-minded professional who’s suddenly standing on the precipice of retirement, looking down on an unfamiliar landscape full of shadowy unknowns and big, looming question marks.

Empathizing with and wanting to help people successfully plan for and navigate this time in their lives is what led Bob to pivot from his corporate career to forge his own path forward as a Certified Professional Retirement Coach (CPRC).

Bob believes everyone has the capacity to transform into a retirement renaissance warrior. And he has the knowledge, experience, expertise, and wisdom to help you fully embody this role.

Bob understands the challenges you face, and he’s passionate about helping you craft a retirement lifestyle that’s perfectly suited to you. He knows that life transitions can leave you feeling adrift, without a sense of purpose that once filled your sails and propelled you forward.

But he’s here to show you—there’s a great life waiting for you on the other side of retirement. All you need are the right tools and guidance to fully actualize and claim it.

Because Bob believes everyone needs and deserves someone to listen, offer guidance and support, and help provide some direction to navigate this phase of your life’s journey.

And Bob is proud and honored to be that person for you.

A true renaissance man, Bob is also an executive, blogger, podcast host, thought leader, and public speaker. But, these days, he chooses to devote his immense talents to being a professional retirement coach and mentor.

If you’re ready to experience what Bob and his hand-picked team have to offer, they’d love to connect with you to hear more about you and your retirement lifestyle goals.

With their expert help and support, your life’s second act will be your best one yet!

Mature adults / seniors having fun and working on their retirement planning.
Mature adults / seniors having fun and working on their retirement planning.